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Daily Convo

  • Microchip Kids

    In 2013, over 20,000 children went missing. With statistics like that, it’s no wonder parents will do...

  • Men Prefer Unfunny Women

    “Men Prefer Unfunny Women Who Laugh At Their Jokes” In a survey of men and women, researchers at...

  • Written On Your Face

    What Can You Tell About Someone By Just Looking At Them? Do you ever notice how much is written on some...



  • 3-23-15
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  • 3-11-15

Ya Girl’s LIFE

  • I Don’t Fart!

    I don’t fart.. I never have. If you had to describe your last fart with a movie title, what would it...

  • Love You & Thank You!

    It’s really hard to put into words the feeling we have this morning. It’s only been 2 days since we...


    Yesterday, I asked everyone to help out a 12 year old boy named Aaron who has been given a month to live. If...